Eat Stop Eat Review 2015- Does it Really Work ?

In this current quick paced world, everyone is on the way to get in shape at any expense. This has led to a number of people lets to go in for fast arrangements and easy routes which don’t advantage them in any capacity. Truth be told, alternate ways can be risky to a man’s wellbeing. In the event that you are attempting to get more fit, recall that, pretty much as weight addition happened more than a time of time, weight reduction additionally requires significant investment. One such recent way out is the Eat Stop Eat program designed by Brad Pilon. Read on to know more about this weight losing program.


eatstopeatbookEat Stop Eat is basically an e-book written by Brad Pilon where he gives importance to fasting as the best way of losing weight. The author here tries to justify his idea of weight loss without damaging any muscle. He has written this book according to his own experience and knowledge about weight loss and nutrition. It is clear from the book that he is trying to abolish the traditional beliefs associated with the different types of weight loss methods. He has replaced all the traditional methods with new innovative ways of fasting.

The very title of the book reflects the content of the eBook. You can eat once then stop and then eat again instead of following the age old process of meal planning. Generally such process includes consuming a particular type of food carrying a specific amount of calorie. This book mainly focuses on two things-fasting and regular weight training practice. So, it’s clear now that fasting is the main issue that has been discussed in this book. One day of fasting leads to getting rid of all toxic substances along with boosting up the metabolism of the entire body.

As a result your body will be cleaned and you will have a well maintained physic after losing quite an impressive amount of weight. Initially fasting for an entire day will be hard but you will become accustomed to it after few days of practice. The best thing about this program is that it is easy to handle and safe to use mainly for those people who cannot help eating their favorite dish.

You can easily have access to all your favorite foods during the period you fast and still gain the desired outcome. Another benefit of this plan is that there is no need of signing up for those, wrong weight loss programs with lots of side effects. This plan is safe as you will be depending mainly on the exercise plan that you are suggested to follow in order to lose any muscle weight while going through a training program.

This program is the outcome of long research is the proof of the fact that it is safe. The formula of intermittent fasting is used by the writer for a number of purposes. During your workout time a huge amount of fat is used for getting additional energy and at the same time you keep yourself away from the additional calories. There will be a consistent amount of fat los leading to weight loss.

Author’s Profile

Brad_PilonThe author Brad Pilon is a well-known food researcher and nutritionist. He is also recognized as an exercise mentor and weight loss therapist. This book has received huge media coverage since its launch and has also raised enough questions as well as suggestions.

As Brad Pilon is in this field for quite a long period of time, so the information contained in the book can be trusted as safe. This is the reason why this book contains quite a lot amount of experience and results of different experiments. Experts have rated this book with a five star from every aspect including its cost as well as usefulness.

How it works?

This program is equally demanding and interesting. You will be able to notice ample changes in your weight just after following the Eat Stop Eat program for one week. The best thing about this program is that there will be no muscle mass loss in the quest of weight loss. As the author was a researcher so he has travelled the world extensively and used the best of practices in his book. Nowhere in the book the author will appear forcing you to follow the processes described rather has he just recommended.

Even prior to your starting following the program, the way he describes things seems that the information is not mere hearsay, but are proper results of scientific research. The theory of 24 hours of fasting includes some insulin enzymes as well as hormones that have a general effect and this will eventually lead to muscle growth and low calorie intake.

The author advices to finish reading the entire book before starting its use. The process of intermittent fasting is extremely beneficial. This has been proved from the huge number of positive responses received worldwide after the launch of this program. The process of intermittent fasting described in this program is beneficial in a number of ways and helps you to-

  • Get thinner from your muscle to fat quotients
  • Diminish aggravation
  • Enhance metabolic profile
  • Enhanced insulin affectability
  • Diminished requirement for fanatical impulsive eating

The mix of caloric confinement with resistance activities has been ended up being extremely viable at safeguarding your bulk. Men who are suing low calorie weight control plans for years do see a decreased testosterone level. This is a piece of the motivation behind why excessively prohibitive weight control plans fall flat. Testosterone levels are really most elevated amid the Morning after an overnight quick.

The way that discontinuous fasting does not diminish testosterone is vital for two reasons. Firstly, it is an essential stride in keeping any loss of bulk, and also testosterone assumes a vital part in fat misfortune. Another “anabolic” hormone that really has intense fat misfortune impacts is Growth Hormone – also called GH.

What is intermittent fasting all about?

Diet plans to lose weightTo put it in simple sentence the definition of fasting is skipping food and sometimes even drinks too willingly for a pre decided time period. So, the main word in this definition is ‘willing’ as this is what makes the difference between starving and fasting.

Another important thing is pre decided period of time. This means you are the sole controller of the time till when you will continue your fasting. Once it is over you can again resume your normal eating pattern. This is exactly the process used by the author in this book.

However, while in intermittent fasting one can consume the foods like-

  • Black coffee
  • Water
  • Black tea
  • Green tea and herbal tea
  • Sparkling water
  • Diet soda
  • Any drink with 0 calorie

Irregular fasting is the style of eating where you perform a transient quick, trailed by a time of eating, trailed by all the more fasting. The author has pointed out that, 24 hours is the most reasonable from of irregular fasting with the end goal of losing muscle to fat ratio ratios while keeping up incline muscle.

Pros of the Program

The success of the entire Eat Stop Eat program is the greatest benefit of this book apart from the sound information. Another benefits is that just after a few days of use you will lose a good amount of weight but still you will be eating all your favorite and without any weight loss supplements with lots of side effects. This book is an instant hit in the market just after its release as it shoves away the traditional ways of weight loss. The way the author explains the ways of weight loss in this 212 page book is extremely fascinating. The program is also short enough for your easy understanding and use.

Cons of the Program

Like any other weight loss programs there some demerits too. However, they are all very minute and not so serious side effects. Initially some may find it difficult as it contains some scientific researches and terms. This will gradually become easy as you move ahead with the program. Some even reported of minute grammatical errors in the book which is however, not a very serious issue though the author is highly educated.

Final verdict

It is an extremely foolish decision to embrace any other harmful weight loss supplement when you have the Eat Stop Eat program with you. If you want to look fabulous yet eat all your favorite foods then switch to program today.

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  1. Excellent book ..!! If you are ready to give a try to dieting then Eat Stop Eat is the perfect guide. It helped me a lot to loss weight. Give it a try…

  2. I have tried many products for weight loss but none worked for me. I am very heavy and need to loose weight . Will this product help me?

  3. My daughter is 18 years old and she is fat… Tried to help her by trying new new diet plans and different medicines but doesn’t work. Will this product be helpful for her?

    1. Definitely it will work for your daughter. Its different from other products as it follows only natural methods. Give it a try..:)

  4. This book is Excellent. It has some awesome features like:
    -Small and quick read eBook
    -It’s only the worthwhile method for weight loss existing .
    -aims at healthy lifestyle including exercises etc

    Thanks for such an awesome book

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